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Carol-Anne reflects the truth of your heart right back at you. She uncovers the whispers of your intuition that are ignored or suppressed, and encourages them to be heard without judgment and importantly, without the fluff or soft edges. She’s dedicated to seeing your evolution, so you can be the human you were put on this earth to be, before the world taught you to be something different.

There’s nowhere to hide when she’s working with you, but her kind, bright, vivacious and loving spirit knows – as if by magic – what’s in your best interests. Once she sees your potential, she’ll help you see it too, and you’ll wonder why you ever forgot about it in the first place. She makes a truly life changing experience feel like fun.

Anyone who chooses to work with Carol-Anne can expect patience, straight talking, techniques that defy convention and a golden, life changing experience.

Carol-Anne WardLorna

Carol–Anne changed my life and the way I live it. She’s creative in her practice, empathetic in her approach and, when needed, provocative in her challenges. On top of all this, she's great fun to work with.

The results we achieved together went way beyond my expectations – this is coaching for people who don’t think coaching is for them.

Carol-Anne WardRob

From our first session, Carol-Anne took the time to get to know me, my goals and ambitions, and has guided me through many challenges to uncover what’s at my core. I always knew I had the potential within me, but I didn’t have the confidence to see it clearly. From working with Carol-Anne, the version of myself that shows up now is the true me and I feel empowered with confidence, freedom and the practical tools to move towards a more fulfilled and happy life. It has been better than any therapy I’ve experienced and is life changing in the most amazing way.

Carol-Anne WardChloe

I was skeptical about life coaching, but now I tell everybody who will listen that it’s the most transformative experience I’ve ever been through. It’s been hard and uncomfortable at points – I’ve been talking about my career, my marriage, my masculinity and my fears – but Carol-Anne has given me the time and space (and a few pushes) to see the possibilities and potential hidden behind it all.

She goes above and beyond to create an environment where I feel comfortable. Thanks to her, I’m more sure of who I am, what I want, and how to get there. I’m heading in the right direction, knowing that I always have someone to turn to.

Carol-Anne is a lighthouse. Warm and welcoming, a beacon of joy, a guiding light, always looking out for me, bringing light and clarity when I’m in the dark and need help finding my way.

Carol-Anne WardSam

Every session has flickers of light and penny dropping moments. Coaching for me was about becoming a better version of myself, understanding myself in ways I’ve never have before and recognising that my self limiting beliefs come from a place far beyond what I imagined. A source of light and guidance, Carol-Anne has truly opened up many avenues and possibilities I can’t wait to explore. Patience, empathy, truth bombs, she is an all round gem. Expect the unexpected, it’s been an absolute pleasure.

Carol-Anne WardHarriet

Carol- Anne has a knack of pinpointing just the right element at just the right moment. Her intuition and experience guide her and enable her to steer you through the path you discover you are on. Putting your trust in her is such a positive move, and all it requires from you is commitment to the journey. She has that ability to ask the one question you have been avoiding and she is spot on every time. The action goes from there in leaps and bounds. Never a dull moment, always a challenge and loads of fun.

Carol-Anne WardFran

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