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1-2-1 coaching

We go deep. An inner journey of self discovery over a three month period. Working together we will navigate a bespoke transformation and build the foundations for lasting change. I’ll provide you with the tools to understand and grow from your self-limiting beliefs, develop a more resilient mindset and thrive in whatever it is you want to achieve.

An immersive and holistic experience || 3 months || 9 x one-two-one deep dive coaching sessions || ongoing WhatsApp support between sessions || tools, tips and food for thought || homework

Double Braining

An immersive, to-the-point, 1-2-1 session. A twist on the proven technique of Body Doubling, where the presence of another person improves your ability to focus and be productive. This technique combines a mix of coaching, problem solving and planning, to get you out of a stuck state, into a moving forward one.

2 hours || in-person or online

Out of Mind, Into Body

We are so used to prioritising our logical mind, but listening to our bodies can tell us deep truths about how we feel. This half-day experience will provide you with the tools to listen to your body’s wisdom, through a physical activity that will stretch and challenge you. In four hours, you’ll learn to step into your power by getting out of your own way. We work with trust, mindset shifts, somatic techniques and mindfulness practices to get you there.

4 hours || in-person only

Group coaching

There is great power working in a group of people who are navigating their own path. It builds trust, allows vulnerability and creates strong bonds between people who know exactly what you’re going through. This coaching is for individuals who want a community to share experiences and learn together. It is dynamic, energising and tailored, so it’s a perfect way to shift old patterns, develop ways of working and fundamentally change how you interact with the world.

As above, but in a group environment where you can interact and learn from others, experience observed coaching, and build a community throughout the process.

If you want to hear more and understand the process and cost for any of these offers, please book a free 20 minutes discovery call so we can talk further.

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One of my core values as a coach is curiosity, so I'm truly intrigued to hear your story and understand what's brought you here. Having a free 20-minute no-obligation discovery call will give us both the opportunity to see how we can work together to make real and lasting change in your life.

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