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Workshops are an opportunity to delve into a part of yourself that you're craving to know more about. Every one of them is based on conscious living and fun. Experiencing this in a group setting is a very powerful way to explore new ideas, understand different perspectives, learn and ultimatly grow.

All workshops are interactive, there is never any death by powerpoint. The most important thing to remember is that I've designed all workshops to go deep, but also to be fun and joyful. I have a maximum of 10 people so the setting is intimate and not over crowded.

Visualising Your Future

This workshop guides you through a series of moments that engages all of your senses and leads you to everything you're subconscious is dreaming about. A half day includes a beautiful crystal sound bowl journey, visualisation, journaling, sharing circle with cacao, identifying your power word and vision boarding. You walk away with a visual representation of what your rebel heart truly desires.

4 hours || £65 per person

Discovering Your Why

We dig down into the things that drive you, the values you live by and what gives you purpose. Finding what sets your rebel heart on fire is at the core of conscious living and shaping the life you want to lead.

2 hours || £35 per person

Boldly Creating Boundaries

We delve into the art of saying no from a place of authority and love in your own life. We explore understanding how to trust yourself, what does and does not feel right for you, and how to change your approach to interact with others.

2 hours || £35 per person

Navigating Negotiation

Unwrapping the limiting beliefs around negotiation, changing it from a fear inducing to a discussion aimed at reaching an agreement.

2 hours || £35 per person

Out of Mind, Into Body (in-person)

We are so used to prioritising our logical mind, but listening to our bodies can tell us deep truths about how we feel. This half-day workshop will provide you with the tools to listen to your body’s wisdom, through a physical activity that will stretch and challenge you. In four hours, you’ll learn to step into your power by getting out of your own way. We work with trust, mindset shifts, somatic techniques and mindfulness practices to get you there.

4 hours || £100 per person

All workshops can be booked in a group setting - keep an eye out on Instagram for when they are running, or book a private setting with people you know. If you want to hear more or ask any questions about any of these offers, please book a free 20 minutes discovery call so we can talk further.
Looking for something else? Creating bespoke packages is a joy, just drop me a note and we can talk about what you need.

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One of my core values as a coach is curiosity, so I'm truly intrigued to hear your story and understand what's brought you here. Having a free 20-minute no-obligation discovery call will give us both the opportunity to see how we can work together to make real and lasting change in your life.

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